State of the art Tools:

Nitrogen Tool For Tires:


Proud to participate in the N2 initiative, Revels Repair continues to bring value to our customers and to our planet.

The value of Nitrogen as a replacement in our tires is continuing to grow. provides a calculator that can be used to predict the savings to you for using nitrogen in your tires.

Stop by and get your tires filled by our state of the art N2 tool.

Corghi Artiglio Master:


Revels Repair values our customers expensive tires and rims and uses the Corghi Artiglio Master when changing your tires. The unit uses an electronic wheel diameter selection and eliminates the need for levers that can often times damage the rims or tires in the process.

Read more about this great tool: Brochure for Artiglio Master

Bosch ACS 615:


Revels Repairs meets our customers Air Conditioning Service needs with the Bosch ACS 615 A/C Handling System. The ACS 615 is incredibly efficient recovering 95% of the refrigerant within 30 minutes, recycles it and then evacuates the vehicles A/C system.

The ACS 615 takes the guesswork out the amount of refrigerant saving time and money and ensuring our customers will not have to deal with inaccurate charge amounts that can happen with other systems.

Bosch ACS 615 system